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about us

Our farm in Langley Bc Canada has been in the family since 1956 .

My dad came over from Europe after the war, working as a welder.

He bought Langley after a year in the country.

The farm was called scrub land ,due to its hills and alder stands.

My dad was an off the grid person before they existed in the area, we read mother earth news.

My dad built a hydro plant from scratch and in the eighties started buying solar panels.

We had gardens and chickens .everything very simple.

In the nineties i met my wife Viviane , she was working in the greenhouse industry, i was beekeeping. After a injury at work, Viviane started up her own business importing lavender, Provence fabric etc. from France.

I was doing antiques and auctions.

Viviane and i over this time brought different varieties of lavender from around the world, France and the states mostly.

Some faired some failed and we found a few varieties that worked for us.

Just doing lavender was not our plan so i started growing other plants such as dahlias , yacon, specialty potatoes , squashes ,Jerusalem artichoke, herbs and many other plants. trying and finding what plants work for us.

Every year,we are making more farmable land.


local lavender grown in Langley BC

Fresh cut flowers grown in Langley BC

Fresh herbs

organic vegetable

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